Support Local

UNITE started in 2014 with a vision to help good messages spread. We saw a lot of big budget campaigns talk over organizations doing purposeful work in the city. We wanted to help raise up voices that were often unheard.

Now, we’re seeing a lot of change in the last months – organizations with the means evolving to serving online, while others unable to evolve uncertain of what the future will bring.

We’re excited to offer a full service package to a community organization or small business looking to set up a way to connect or sell online. This package will include rebranding (logo, fonts, collateral), an ecommerce / eservice website, and a video vignette telling your story. Yep, a full package based on your organization’s needs.

To enter, like and share this post tagging a community organization or small business who could use this package greatly. If your organization gets nominated, please send us a message with your story and how this package would help what you do.

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