The brand, story, strategy and its implementation contributed to doubling of Karma’s revenue…

The Context
When the co-owners of the former Cafe Noir Vivek, Roshni and Ashish approached us for help with marketing they had owned the cafe for a few months. Even though they were located in downtown Saskatoon business was slow to be sustainable. They offered tea, coffee and other beverages in addition to vegan and vegetarian food. Fred and Victor took on this as their next project.

Building a Conscious Brand
First step was understanding their objectives and what success looked like. Next step was going to the bottom of their business and understand values they care for and live everyday. We understood “charity” was big in their life that is connected to the understanding of karma or skillful action. From there we went ahead with the strategy to reach the objectives. The tasks that followed were new brand identity, brand strategy, new website, and story telling and community building though social media and email.

Telling this story consistently across different platforms was the next task.

In addition to supporting the Karma’s first charity (Saskatoon Food Bank) through purchases (3% of the earnings) and direct donations we helped raise money for the charity by organizing khichdi fundraiser. The fundraiser is a deeper integration of Karma’s living the values.

Telling the story through e-mail marketing is part of the strategy.
The integrated marketing strategy included writing press releases and co-ordinating that with the social calendar for maximum reach.

The results of our work have been very gratifying and realistic – the Karma more than doubled [1] their revenue since we implemented the strategy, and the their revenue and community is growing (both in terms of number and deeper engagement) since April 2016.


1. Comparing month to month and year to year revenues.

Inspiring community supported acts of doing good, the Karma Conscious Café & Eatery supports a charitable organization with 3% of its earnings over a three month period.

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