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Unite Partners With kimiwan

February 24, 2014

kimiwan is a quarterly publication that showcases words + art from emerging + established Indigenous, First Nations, Métis, and Inuit writers + artists. kimiwan is based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Treaty Six Territory. kimiwan approached us to sponsor their annual fundraising event featuring A Tribe Called Red. As a small worker owned cooperative enterprise rooted in communities we live in, we seek out meaningful partnerships. Collaboration with kimiwan was a perfect fit. In addition kimiwan is a collective organization with similar values. We offered our service in digital strategy and creating media assets, and we’re glad kimiwan accepted it.


Our members Matt and Victor worked closely with kimiwan members Joi Arcand, Melody Wood, and Leah Arcand. We listened to their objectives, designed a strategy in consultation with kimiwan members, and a measurement plan. We did an inventory on resources (both digital and traditional), and a plan to acknowledge sponsors. The promo video we made (above) was a part of the strategy. kimiwan members helped us implement the strategy with attention and precision. Read a blog post we wrote on a digital tip from the campaign.

This was a very meaningful partnership, and we were honoured to have this opportunity. It was a pleasure working in collaboration with kimiwan members, understanding their needs, and helping realize their vision.

kimiwan video promo sharing 2014-02-07 at 3.27.21 PM

promo video sharing

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Unite-Identity-04Unite helps positive messages spread and purpose driven organizations succeed through strategic marketing, creative ideas, and high-quality media.

Unite is one of the first marketing worker owned cooperatives in Western Canada.  This model helps us deliver high quality marketing solutions by bringing together highly experienced professionals in marketing, strategy, social media, design, web development, video production, and other services on-demand

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