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Unite Partners With Independent Theatre – Hardly Art on Digital Strategy


Short Cuts CrewFriday, April 11, 2014

A few months ago Unite was approached by Yvette Nolan, director of Hardly Art to collaborate on a digital strategy to promote their new production Short Cuts 10-Minute Play Festival in Saskatoon. Short Cuts is a fun, fast-paced festival consisting of six plays, each 10 minutes long, with 18 Playwrights, Actors, and Directors collaborating, followed by food and reception. The challenge they faced was introducing a new idea, a fast-paced 10-minute play festival in this case, to an audience in Saskatoon, with a small budget. Being super enthusiastic and supportive of arts in our community, we gladly accepted this challenge.

Short Cuts 2014 Opening Night Sold Out

Opening Night Sold Out!

We had an initial meeting with the theatre folks to figure out their objectives and target audience. After doing some research we came up with the strategy called “Because in 10 Minutes your life can change”. With the campaign spread out over three months, we achieved  both objectives, of increasing awareness and selling tickets. As of Thursday, the day before launch, opening night was sold out, and Saturday night show was half sold out, and Sunday tickets selling as expected.

UPDATE: As of Sunday, opening night, Saturday and Sunday shows were sold out!

This partnership has been very meaningful, and we look forward to working with more creative organizations locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally in the future.

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About Hardly Art

Hardly Art LogoHardly Art was created in Winnipeg in 1988 to produce exciting, innovative, Canadian theatre work. In 1989, Hardly Art produced Judith Thompson’s The Crackwalker, the first time Thompsons had been seen on a professional stage in Manitoba. In 1990, the company premiered Yvette Nolan’s acclaimed first play, BLADE. Since then, Hardly Art has produced, Smaller (Winnipeg), BLADE (Vancouver, and Child and Video (Adelaine, Australia). In 2012 Hardly Art presented Native Earth Theatre’s production of Almight Voice and His Wife in Saskatoon.



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