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Unite Digital Tip of the Month – Clear Call to Action (May 2014)

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Tip of the Month: Have a Clear Call to Action

kimiwan zine promo video contest

kimiwan zine promo video contest

Having a clear call to action based on your objectives is very crucial in achieving desired end result(s), whether it be getting brand exposure, or selling products online. We recently did a collaborative project with kimiwan to promote their fundraiser. kimiwan is a quarterly publication that showcases words + art from emerging + established Indigenous, First Nations, Métis, and Inuit writers + artists. The objectives were, primary selling tickets, and secondary awareness of the event. For one of the contests we organized, a clear call to action was defined, i.e. Like and Share the promo video… (see screenshot on right). The call to action was consistent on all platforms, starting from media assets on YouTube to shares on social.

In addition to guiding an online community to achieve desired result(s), a clear call to action avoids confusion, and helps measurement. Often times digital agencies work on projects where clients implement the strategy. Laying out a clear call to action for clients to be implemented is always an effective means of managing time and resources, while being precise on strategy.

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