June 11, 2015 |

Unite Congratulates OUTSaskatoon on Their New Identity

June 11, 2015


Unite would like to congratulate OUTSaskatoon, formerly known as Avenue Community Centre, on their new name and identity. Unite is proud to be an ally and partner in this process.

Unite was approached by OUTSaskatoon to collaborate on the naming and visual identity process. Unite being a community minded cooperative, this project was a great fit. We consulted them on the naming process, created the logo, and related visual identity elements.

June 7-11, 2015, is Saskatoon Pride Week. Walk with us as we walk with our allies and partners, OUTSaskatoon, Affinity Credit Union, and numerous others.

About Unite


Unite helps positive messages spread and purpose driven organizations succeed through strategic marketing, creative ideas, and high-quality media.

Unite is one of the first marketing worker owned cooperatives in Western Canada.  This model helps us deliver high quality marketing solutions by bringing together highly experienced professionals in marketing, strategy, social media, design, web development, video production, and other services on-demand.

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