May 26, 2014 |

Unite Collaborates With Poverty Costs Campaign

May 21, 2014

Did you know that poverty costs Saskatchewan 3.8 Billion dollars each year?  Neither did we. 

Poverty Costs profile

When the Poverty Costs team came to us with this the opportunity to help get this message out, we were beyond excited to help tell this story.  We facilitated the underlying strategy creation to ensure the right messages were being communicated to the right audience to get some proactive action around poverty in Saskatchewan.  From there, we created the visual identity, social media content, website, and other branding elements.  When it was time to execute the campaign we put in place an overall media & PR strategy for effective reach.

Thank you from Poverty Costs team 15April2014

Thank you note on social from Poverty Costs team

As a result of the campaign, Saskatchewan-wide discussions on creating a comprehensive poverty reduction plan have now started.  It has been an absolutely humbling working with the passionate teams from the Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre, Upstream, and Saskatoon Anti-Poverty Coalition towards this goal.



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Unite helps positive messages spread and purpose driven organizations succeed through strategic marketing, creative ideas, and high-quality media.

Unite is one of the first marketing worker owned cooperatives in Western Canada.  This model helps us deliver high quality marketing solutions by bringing together highly experienced professionals in marketing, strategy, social media, design, web development, video production, and other services on-demand.

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