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tbt MoSo2014 Best Moments

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Unite at MoSo2014 e

Matt, Fred, and Roshan

Throwback Thursday! How did Unite celebrate last week at MoSo 2014? What were our best moments?


I was volunteering at two different venues, the Cosmo Centre, and Broadway Theatre.  Some of the best time spent was promoting the food truck alley on vine, listening to an inspiring talk by Transmedia Producer Caitlin Burns, and meeting keynote speaker Ryan Delk and chatting about email marketing strategies.


My memorable experience were the bands: Atlas Sound, a new band called 36? Releasing the New Rockstar Philosophy app, and making connections at Great West on Thursday. It was fantastic hanging with One story and Noodlecake and all their networks and crew. Good time spent making new friends.

Hoover Sasklandia 12Jun2014 MoSo


My most memorable experience was introducing Sasklandia, A Buy Local movement in Saskatchewan, on June 12 at the Broadway Theatre. 

What were your best moments? Leave your comments below.




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