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Summer of Cycling

Summer of Cycling

summer of cycling

There’s something brewing in Saskatoon.  Downtown sign posts and bike racks are overweighted with bicycles and the roads and shoulders have become busy bicycle lane ways.  People are cycling more than ever before in Saskatoon.

Many times, we look for ideal situations in order to build momentum behind an initiative like cycling.  However, this wave of pedal power proponents can be attributed to disruption.  The disruption of traffic caused by the University Bridge closure has people weighing the cost of waiting in traffic vs. using their bicycles for more than weekend rides.  People have made the choice to cycle as their preferred summer commuting method.

This isn’t surprising, considering the network of connected and protected bike trails from almost all east side neighbourhoods into downtown.  As well, the time it requires to get into downtown on these trails is surprisingly fast, with a commute from Evergreen taking 25 minutes on average.  That’s at par, or faster, than driving.

Let’s follow the lead of those who have chosen to turn this disruption into a great reason to try something they’ve likely been thinking about doing for a while. We’re in the Summer of Cycling 2015!

For cycling safety visit SK Prevention website. For cycling advocacy visit Saskatoon Cycles website.

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