January 3, 2018 |

The New Year 2018!

We wish you best for 2018!

– Victor, Fred, Roshan, Matt and Raya


As new year 2018 begins we would like to share some highlights from 2017. Together we helped deliver some great projects such as climate change awareness campaign in Saskatoon, SARCAN recycling, AIDS Saskatoon harm reduction, Vancouver’s first upcoming Indigenous food truck and Real English Victoria Co-op.

Saskatoon Environmental Advisory Committee
Unite collaborated with the Saskatoon Environmental Advisory Committee to generate awareness on the impact of climate change in Saskatoon. An animated video, paired with a focused social media campaign generated more than 30,000 video views on Facebook.


Sarcan came with a challenge – every year, 82% of all  beverage containers are recycled and they wanted to find the 18% that weren’t.  Unite used public interviews and behaviour observation research to find five areas that contributed to the 18%. Sarcan was able to use those five areas to create targeted programs and initiatives.

AIDS Saskatoon

Unite collaborated with AIDS Saskatoon to create a new website around the principle of harm reduction. The site is easy to use and navigate for all members of the community, regardless of ability.
Mr. Bannock – Vancouver’s First Upcoming Indigenous Food Truck
Unite is working with Chef Paul Natrall of Squamish Nation to launch Vancouver’s first Indigenous food truck. Unite is working closely with the chef developing and implementing a brand strategy, visual identity (including working with commissioned Heiltsuk artist KC Hall in developing the secondary mark), and promotion/launch strategy.
Real English Victoria Language Co-op
Unite is working with REV Co-op in developing and implementing a story telling strategy for long term including a new website.

Anchored in strong values and having community wide support we’re looking forward to 2018. Thank you for your support.

About Unite

Unite-Identity-04Unite helps positive messages spread and purpose driven organizations succeed through strategic marketing, creative ideas, and high-quality media.

Unite is one of the first marketing worker owned co-operatives in Western Canada.  This model helps us deliver high quality marketing solutions by bringing together highly experienced professionals in marketing, strategy, social media, design, web development, video production, and other services on-demand.

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