UNITE inspires community through redefining business. We offer conscious education, creative support, advocacy, and connection.

UNITE is a worker cooperative under the Co-operatives Act, Saskatchewan (1996), fully respecting and living democracy, economic participation, environmental sustainability, and Treaty rights and responsibilities in this land we share.

UNITE was founded in 2014 by Fred Reibin, Matt Voyno, Victor Das, and Roshan Hoover to help good messages spread.


Fred Reibin | Founding Member, Business Strategist & Lead Designer

Fred is a passionate individual with a keen interest in sustainability and creativity. For the past seven years Fred has led the strategic marketing area at SaskTel. In this role, he created long term strategic plans that determine future products and services, new business models, and ways that SaskTel will adapt to the changing customer landscape. In addition to his work with SaskTel, Fred is a freelance graphic designer, photographer, and creative consultant. Fred has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Saskatchewan in Marketing, with over 12 years of Marketing and Strategy experience.








Rebecca Bulmer | Community Engagement





Alison Robertson

Community > We believe we are stronger in community than as individuals. We seek collaboration over competition. We see all members of our community as having unique purpose and unlimited potential. There is power and strength in diversity.
Courage > We practice being fearless in all we do. We are vulnerable and authentic in our communication, actions, and decisions. We dare to show greatness.
Intuition > We acknowledge and nurture the power of intuition. We gather data and first-hand research to inform our intuition. We believe intuition is a collaborative journey and value our unique strengths.


Ingenuity > We are clever and creative. We embrace difference, originality, and unconventional in the conventional. We incorporate diverse perspectives for holistic results.
Love & Respect > We choose love over fear. We foster respect through our thoughts, speech, and actions. We show the love and respect we wish to receive.

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.”
- Brené Brown

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